Occupational fields

Due to their interdisciplinary and practice-oriented training, the graduates of Engineering and Management have proven themselves in many different fields of activity in almost all business sectors.

Preferred areas of application

Manufacturing | Production

Transport | Commerce | Logistics

Marketing | Sales

Computer Science | Information Technology

Purchasing | Procurement

Accounting | Controlling

Research | Development

Resource management

Knowledge and competence management

Innovation and technology Management

in the sectors of industry, trade and services. Graduates of Engineering and Management often choose the path to self-employment in the industrial, commercial and service sectors and make a successful career there, for example in the field of consulting.

Professional Fields

Today, the technical and economic professions are widely diversified. Engineering and Management professionals often find tasks in integration fields in which the sub-functions for the market-oriented value-added processes of companies are linked. They are often active in fields that have developed in practice as independent and broad interface functions. The contribution of Engineering and Managament professionals to performing these tasks, which are both technical, economic, legal and social-scientific at the same time, is made at all management levels of the companies. It essentially lies in the recognition of problems and in the analysis of complex decision-making situations, in the development and evaluation of alternative solutions to  mostly interdisciplinary tasks as well as in the qualified implementation and monitoring of solutions and decisions.

Against the background of constant technological and structural change, advancing globalization and permanent competition, it can be assumed that the tasks in companies will continue to become more complex, more networked and more demanding. The already high importance of integrative professions such as industrial engineering will thus continue to grow.

The Association of German Engineering and Management professionals (Verband Deutscher Wirtschaftsingenieure e.V.) publishes a large-scale study on the occupational profile at regular intervals.

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