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Strong together for Engineering and Management: The board of directors of the International Council of Departments in Engineering and Management (ICADEM): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Schmager (EAH Jena), Prof. Dr. Hermann Englberger (HS Munich), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yvonne Leipnitz-Ponto (HS Ansbach), Prof. Uwe Dittmann (HS Pforzheim), Prof. Gunter Olsowski (FH Vorarlberg) (from left to right)


Long-standing, successful networking for Engineering and Management: Professor Uwe Dittmann (Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences) was elected Chairman for the seventh time in a row by the General Assembly at the Annual Conference 2017 in Innsbruck, Austria. Together with his colleagues Professor Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Schmager from the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena, Professor Dr.-Ing. Yvonne Leipnitz-Ponto from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, as well as Professor Gunter Olsowski from University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg and Professor Dr. Hermann Englberger from Munich University of Applied Sciences, who have also been active for many years, the board was unanimously confirmed in office by the general meeting. ICADEM currently unites 56 universities from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that offer one or more courses of study in Engineering and Management.

Engineering and Management has been a successful concept for many years. It is one of the most popular courses of study in Germany. Together with a team of five colleagues on the board, Professor Uwe Dittmann has been working for many years to further advance Engineering and Management, to further develop it on the basis of current social changes, to define quality standards and to further increase awareness.

Important milestones in the board's work are the joint publication of the Engineering and Management Qualifications Framework with the Association of German Industrial Engineers (VWI). A guideline and quality assurance instrument with systematic formulation of learning outcomes and cornerstones for the construction of modules and subjects. ICADEM is currently working on an English-language version which is intended to strengthen professional cooperation with Universities from Europe and is also designed to be internationally compatible. "Expanding our view beyond the borders of Europe and building up an international network of Engineering and Management is the next important step that we are striving for together in our strong network", is how Uwe Dittmann describes the course that he intends to implement together with his colleagues in the coming term of office.

They are committed to the successful "Engineering and Management Concept". It is based on an integrative interlocking of business and technology. It trains students in an interdisciplinary manner to become generalists who can be deployed flexibly and who assume an integrating function in companies at interface positions. Selling complex plants, managing demanding projects and analysing technical issues from an economic point of view - these are the typical tasks of Engineering and Management professionals today.

And the future also demands the competence profile that Engineering and Management offers: The ever faster development of new products and services as well as the constant cost pressure lead to ever more complex systems and applications, which in turn require ever larger projects. In order to be able to master this complexity, specialists with the appropriate generalist training are needed who are able to recognise, understand and apply the interrelationships between technical and economic aspects combined with legal, social, informal and scientific issues. The increasing interdependence and networking of companies leads to more and more interfaces that require an integrated perspective. Due to their inter- and transdisciplinarity, Engineering and Management professionals are particularly predestined to master these challenges. They act as generalists with strategic vision and competence in detail.

Professor Uwe Dittmann is, in addition to his board activity in ICADEM, a board member of KFBT - a superordinate union of department days of German Universities for Applied Sciences.







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